Fukuoka Grand Sumo Tournament

START: Nov 12, 2023 END: Nov 26, 2023

As the streets of Fukuoka start to buzz with the presence of sumo wrestlers, the locals of Hakata sense that winter is drawing near. The November tournament, commonly known as the Kyushu Basho, marks the culmination of the sumo year. Doors open at 8:30 am, starting with matches between the younger wrestlers. By around 2:15 pm, the top division wrestlers, considered full-fledged professionals in the sumo world, make their appearance in their ceremonial aprons. The grand entrance of the Yokozuna, the highest rank in sumo, is around 3:55 pm. Once you’ve purchased a ticket, you’re free to enter and leave at any time, with re-entry allowed multiple times until 5 pm. Except for the ringside seats (where you might get a sprinkle of sand), attendees can enjoy food and drinks in their seats, and food trucks are stationed outside. Feel the intensity and warmth of the arena as bodies clash and the sound resonates. Immerse yourself in Japan’s national sport, sumo. Tickets are available online and can be purchased at external counters at the venue until 5 pm on the day.

Fukuoka Grand Sumo Tournament, 大相撲九州場所

• 11/12 (Sun.) ~ 11/26 (Sun.)
• Doors open: 8:30~ (open at 10:00 on 11/24~26)
• Tickets: Adult chair seating (1 person) ¥2,000~, Sat., Sun., hol. ¥2,500~, box seat (weekdays, 4 persons) ¥32,000~ *all seats reserved
• Fukuoka Kokusai Center
2-2 Chikkohonmachi, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka

Fukuoka Grand Sumo Tournament, 大相撲九州場所

Published: Nov 2, 2023 / Last Updated: Nov 2, 2023

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