Hakozaki Shrine Flea Market

START: Aug 20, 2023 END: Aug 20, 2023

Held ten times a year, except for September and January, the Antique Market at Hakozakigu Shrine’s approach is the largest of its kind in Western Japan. Over 200 shops line the 700-meter-long pathway leading to the sea, dealing in various items such as old tools, miscellaneous goods, and practical antiques. The shops begin opening sequentially from 7 a.m., and by 8 a.m., most stores are ready for business. Good items are first come, first served! Rise early and head out.

Hakozaki Shrine Flea Market, 筥崎宮蚤の市「風の市場」

• 8/20 (Sun.) *rain or shine
• 7:00~14:00
• Free entry
• Hakozaki Shrine
1-22-1 Hakozaki, Higashi-ku, Fukuoka

Hakozaki Shrine Flea Market, 筥崎宮蚤の市「風の市場」

Published: Aug 18, 2023 / Last Updated: Aug 18, 2023

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