Night Time Cruising in Yanagawa’s Canals

START: Jul 14, 2023 END: Sep 30, 2023

At dusk, Yanagawa becomes a fantastic spectacle with lanterns on the water and trees along the coast illuminated. As twilight falls, visitors can board a donko boat, guided by a boatman, and embark on a leisurely 70-minute cruise along the town’s extensive canal system. While shared rides are available, you can also charter a boat for ¥18,000, providing an ideal opportunity for a dinner cruise with up to 10 friends. Feel free to bring your own meals and enjoy this unique experience.

Night Time Cruising in Yanagawa’s Canals, 灯り舟

• 7/14 (Fri.) ~ 9/30 (Sat.) *canceled in case of inclement weather
• Departure time: 19:40
• Shared boat: ¥1,800, over 5 y.o. ¥900 *one child under 5 y.o. is free per an adult.
*application required at accommodation facilities of Yanagawa-Okawa Ryokan Association on the day of boarding (9:00-16:00).
• Charter boats (phone reservations required): ¥18,000 / one boat, ¥1,800 per person for 11 or more
• Capacity: 15 persons per boat
9 Yashiro-machi, Yanagawa City, Fukuoka

Published: Jul 24, 2023 / Last Updated: Jul 24, 2023

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