Ralph’s Coffee & Cars (Supported by Octane in Fukuoka)

START: Apr 3, 2022 END: Apr 3, 2022

Tomorrow,  Sunday, April 3, at Gokoku Shrine in Fukuoka City a relaxed and open to the public car event will take place. British cars from prewar to the latest models will be on display under the theme “British sports cars, old and new.” Everyone is welcome to drop by and admire the cars. If you have a British car you’re welcome to park it in the line. There’s capacity for 60 cars along the approach to the shrine, and more cars can be parked at nearby lots. On the day of the event, participants will receive a card with their number written on it at the entrance and place it inside the front window. Participants will evaluate each other’s vehicles and decide which vehicle will receive an award.


Ralph’s Coffee and Cars
Date and Time: Sunday, April 3, 7:00 a.m. – 10:00 a.m.
Venue: Fukuoka Gokoku Shrine (along the approach)
1-1-1 Ropponmatsu, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture
Admission: Free
Voting by visitors for the most popular car (prizes are Polo Ralph Lauren items)
Special drip coffee from Ralph’s Coffee and other drinks and food for sale

Note for visitors:
Please wear a mask and ensure social distance.
Please refrain from coming to the event if you are not feeling well.
The organizer assumes no responsibility for any accidents, injuries or illnesses that may occur at this event.
The organizer and various media will be filming the event on the day of the event. Persons and vehicle license plates may be included in the photographs. Photographs may also be posted on the organizer’s SNS, related websites, and in media outlets such as Octane. Please understand that this may happen.
Note: vehicles with illegal modifications will not be allowed to participate.

Published: Apr 2, 2022 / Last Updated: Apr 2, 2022

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