Run Melos

START: Nov 23, 2012 END: Nov 25, 2012

This theatrical adaptation of famous Japanese short story “Run Melos” opens Nov. 23. The play’s director Erica Yamada is well known on the Fukuoka theater scene, and the cast and crew are from Kyushu. Originally written by Osamu Dazai, the source material was published in 1940. The storyline is as follows: three days before his sister’s wedding, Melos is arrested under accusation of killing a king who has massacred many people. Melos strikes a deal with the king who captured him, promising to return to custody in three days if he is permitted to attend a wedding to give a special gift to his sister. The king agrees, but takes Melos’ friend Selinuntius as a hostage. If Melos does not return in three days, his friend will be executed…! See this emotional production, sponsored by the Fukuoka in Asia group. Showing for three days only.

• 11/23 (Fri.) 19:00~, 11/24 (Sat.) 13:00~, 18:00~, 11/25 (Sun.) 13:00~
* Door opens 20 mins prior
• Sawara-ku Shimin Center Hall
• 2-2-1 Momochi, Sawara-ku
• Adv: ¥2,000, Door: ¥2,500, Student Adv: ¥1,000, Door: ¥1,500
• 092-831-2321

Published: Nov 21, 2012 / Last Updated: Apr 1, 2016

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