Sanix World Rugby Youth Tournament 2024

START: Apr 28, 2024 END: May 5, 2024

This year’s tournament will feature matches among 16 boys’ teams (including 8 international teams) and 8 girls’ teams (including 4 international teams). Watch teams from powerhouse rugby nations such as Australia, New Zealand, and England, along with Japan’s top schools, including the national champion Toin Gakuen and the runner-up Higashi Fukuoka High School. This prestigious event is a must-see for rugby fans, showcasing the global competition at the high school level.

Sanix World Rugby Youth Tournament 2024, サニックスワールドラグビーユース交流大会2024© ONO

• 4/28 (Sun.) ~ 5/5 (Sun., hol.) *4/30, 5/2, and 5/4 are rest days
• Times vary by date (schedule)
• Free entry
• Global Arena
46-1 Yoshidome, Munakata City, Fukuoka

Sanix World Rugby Youth Tournament 2024, サニックスワールドラグビーユース交流大会2024


Published: Apr 25, 2024 / Last Updated: Apr 25, 2024

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