Studio Kura Resident Artist Exhibitions

START: Aug 27, 2022 END: Aug 28, 2022

Well-known Itoshima artist-run gallery, studio and residency program Studio Kura will host an exhibition featuring the work of international artists. This time’s exhibition will feature works by three artists.

Oscar Nimmo “Jumble”
My work revolves predominantly around a central group of characters I like to call ‘Beans’ due to their round, curvy shape. These cute, relatable characters often find themselves in unresolved situations as they try to connect with each other and find peace within themselves. The uncertainty of these characters is a constant theme in my work, using simple narratives to communicate many of life’s most ineffable problems.
These themes are reinforced by my abstract shape based paintings. These pieces, which run parallel to my character based work, attempt to communicate different emotional states rather than narratives. They explore the layered and contrasting range of emotional states that we all go through. None of these states are clear or easy to define, much like the world which my characters inhabit.

Studio Kura Resident Artist Exhibitions

Pedro Marques Pereira “光景” (Kokei)
This work consists of a collection of moving images that focus on the various aspects of Itoshima’s geography. Together they form a heterogenous landscape that is more concerned with the representation of the intrinsic qualities of each formulating element, rather than a record of a scenic vista. It is an effort to expose the nature of Landscape as a spiritual and sensorial experience.

Studio Kura Resident Artist Exhibitions

Seph Li “Composition #1”
Composition is an experimental art piece that examines the emotional connection between unfamiliar natural scenes and digital space. Drone footage taken around Itoshima serves as the base video source; then, multiple layers of digital effects passes are applied to create different compositions between nature and digital scenes. With its interactive elements, the artist invites visitors to participate in this experiment of emotional connections to nature.

Seph Li ”Composition #1"

• 8/27 (Sat.) 11:00~18:00, 8/28 (Sun.) 11:00~16:00
• Opening Party, artist talk: 8/27 (Sat.) 14:30~
* To prevent the spread of coronavirus, we ask visitors to use our hand sanitizer and their own facemask if possible to enter, thank you.
• Studio Kura Gallery
586 Nijo-masue, Itoshima City, Fukuoka

Published: Aug 19, 2022 / Last Updated: Aug 25, 2022

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