Tama: Colorful Crown Jewels of Ancient Japan

START: Jan 1, 2019 END: Feb 24, 2019

These round and comma-shaped jewels were excavated from various archeological excavation sites, including the Fujinoki Tomb in Nara Prefecture and Okyozuka Site in Ishikawa Prefecture. They were made into accessories such as necklaces and bracelets during the Kofun period (300 to 538). The colorful jewels, along with descriptions of their significance in history, are on display in this exhibition.

• 1/1 (Tue., hol.) ~ 2/24 (Sun.)
• Adult: ¥430, college student: ¥130
• Kyushu National Museum
4-7-2 Ishizaka, Dazaifu City

Published: Jan 25, 2019 / Last Updated: Jan 25, 2019

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