TEDxFukuokaSalon Vol.9 – Discussion on TEDWomen 2016

START: Nov 6, 2016 END: Nov 6, 2016

An event in both English and Japanese to discuss TEDxFukuokaWoman and San Francisco TEDWoman event. The event takes two parts: a report and a screening.

1. TEDWomen 2016 Report – presentation
Presenter: Mai Iida, TEDxFukuoka Content Director/TED Translator. She has been a TED Translator and TEDxTohoku translation team leader for the past four years. Mai is invited to the TEDWomen 2016 conference as a TED Translator.

2. TED Talks viewing session
There will be a screening of two TED Talks from the past TEDWomen and TED conferences, followed by an open discussion.
Jimmy Carter: Why I believe the mistreatment of women is the number one human rights abuse (
Robin Murphy: These robots come to the rescue after a disaster (

After the discussion, there will be a casual reception with drinks and snacks – stay till the end!


• 11/6 (Sun.)
• 13:30~16:00 (doors open: 13:00)
• General: ¥1,000, Student: ¥500 (discount code: student)
• Fuca Base
• 3-17-13 Hirao, Chuo-ku

Published: Oct 14, 2016 / Last Updated: Nov 9, 2016

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