Ukiyo-e Paintings Exhibition

START: Aug 8, 2015 END: Sep 20, 2015

Ukiyo-e (traditional woodblock prints and paintings) were at the peak of their popularity in the Edo period (17th-19th centuries), and are still enjoyed today for their depictions of beautiful women in Japanese dress, kabuki actors in action, sumo wrestlers, and historical and folk tales. The woodblock prints could be cheaply mass-produced, but the Nikuhitsuga were carefully handpainted, meaning that they are unique. This exhibition collects 170 Nikuhitsuga (otherwise known as Nikuhitsu Ukiyo-e) painted by 68 different artists, and uses them to trace the history of this art form. Of particular interest to many are the shunga, ukiyo-e erotica. This part of the exhibition (18+ only) includes paintings of subjects from all strata of society, from geisha and customer to husband and wife.

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See these beautiful paintings for yourself by entering through this form. The deadline is 8/24 (Mon.) at 9:00am. The winner will be chosen by lucky draw shortly after, and contacted by email. Winners must then contact us to accept their ticket by 8/26 (Wed.) at 17:00, and pick up their tickets from our office in Tenjin by 9/2 (Wed.), 18:00.



• 8/8 (Sat.) ~ 9/20 (Sun.)
• Aug. opening hours: 9:30~19:30. Sep. opening hours: 9:30~17:30 (Last entry is 30 min. before closing time)
• Adult: ¥1,400, HS (17 y.o. and younger only): ¥800, JHS & ES: ¥500, Kimono/Yukata discount: ¥200 off for those wearing kimono or yukata
• Fukuoka Art Museum
• 1-6 Ohori Park, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka
• 092-714-6051

Published: Aug 21, 2015 / Last Updated: Apr 1, 2016

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