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Murata Akasaka Keyaki-dori

Murata, one of the city’s better known purveyors of soba, opened up its second shop on the chic Keyaki-dori Ave. in Akasaka this April. The shop is headed up by second generation owner Kiyohisa Murata. After honing his chops at famous soba shops in the Kansai and Kanto regions, he returned to Fukuoka to serve up delicious noodles and help spread “soba culture.” The shop offers three kinds of soba: mori soba, a bouncy noodle made from 100% finely ground soba flour, the highly aromatic inaka soba, and futogiri soba, a hearty soup noodle made from 80% buckwheat flour and 20% wheat flour. Prepared to bring the most out of the ingredients, each kind of soba affords the customer a different taste experience as jazz from the JBL speakers plays in the background. There are also many sides to choose from, so you can stop by for lunch, or at night for a drink and a bowl of noodles to cap of the night—in true Fukuoka style.

Menu: Finely-ground mori soba (100%) ¥950, course-ground inaka soba ¥950, yama-kake soba (w/ grated glutinous yam) ¥1,200, spicy grated radish soba ¥1,200, plum & shiso soba ¥1,300, cold soba w/ vegetable tempura ¥1,700, cold soba w/ mixed tempura ¥1,800, cold soba w/ shrimp tempura ¥1,900, kake (hot) soba ¥950, sudachi citrus soba ¥1,200, soba w/ duck ¥1,700, rolled sushi ¥880~, homemade sobagaki ¥1,100, buckwheat groats w/ grated glutinous yam ¥450, homemade boiled herring ¥750, Kansai style dashi-infused rolled omelet ¥800, eggplant and tofu skin w/ plum sauce ¥950, lunch course ¥1,850, seasonal vegetable course ¥3,500, Murata soba kaiseki (dinner only) ¥4,500
*Prices to change from Oct. 1, 2019 following tax increase

*Foreign language menu: None / Credit cards accepted / Reservations possible (Lunch reservations only possible for courses) / No smoking

Originally published in Fukuoka Now Magazine (fn235, Jul. 2018)

Murata Akasaka Keyaki-dori
Address : 3-9-28 Akasaka, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka [ MAP ]
Open : 11:30~15:00 (L.O. 14:30), 17:30~21:30 (L.O. 21:00)
Close : Mon. (next day if hol.)
Fukuoka City
Published: Jun 26, 2018 / Last Updated: Sep 18, 2019

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