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Nagasaki-style champon noodles with vegetables, seafood, and pork is the speciality here! For 33 years now, Cho-san and his hard working crew have been serving what is for many customers, and obviously this reviewer’s opinion, the perfect sara udon! For the uninitiated, sara udon, (Nagasaki-style), consists of vegetables, seafood, and pork in a sauce, poured over a bed of thick Chinese noodles. The wheat noodles used here are specially prepared by Cho-san who gives them a light frying before cooking them in seafood and vegetable broth. As a result, the noodles are not crunchy, but have a pleasantly firm texture and have absorbed the soup’s flavor. The same noodles are used in the champon (noodles in soup), minus the frying. If you wish to add a little zing to either your plate or bowl, mix in some of Pikaichi’s spicy handmade takana (pickled mustard greens). There’s a big bowl on every table, and you’re welcome to eat as much as you like. These noodles are so popular that two sizes of take-out packages are on sale. Pikaichi has a long list of other fast-order items including ramen and fried rice, but trust us, you’ll first want to order either the sara udon or champon – and then you’ll know why Pikaichi is, well, pika ichi desu!

1F Chisan-mansion, 3-9-5 Hakataeki-mae, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka
Open: 11:00 ~ 20:30
Closed: Sun.
rices: Champon ¥750, Sara Udon ¥750, Ramen ¥530, Stamina Ramen ¥720

Originally published in Fukuoka Now magazine (fn111,  Mar. 2008)


Fukuoka City
Published: Mar 1, 2008 / Last Updated: Jul 7, 2017

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