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Fukuoka Kau Kau: MING


Fukuoka is a compact city bursting with trendy boutiques, big department stores and everything in between; it’s a shopper’s paradise. We gave a foreigner a budget and a number of items to buy. What will she select? What would you select? Fukuoka Shopping Challenge START! 福岡は流行のショップや百貨店がコンパクトな街中にひしめく、ショッピング好きにとっての楽園。NOWの新企画Fukuoka Kau Kauでは、そんな楽園を訪れた外国人が予算内で何を買うか、をレポートします!

fn185 kau kau 162

Target:  MING Hakata 1-1 Hakataekichūōgai, Hakata / Open: 9:00~21:00
One of Hakata Station’s three underground department stores, Ming (along with Hakataeki Chikagai and Hakata Ichibangai) is connected to 1F Hakata Station. It’s full of souvenirs, traditional crafts and Japanese specialties. Whether you’re visiting Fukuoka from inside Japan, overseas, or are a resident in need of a gift for family back home – the convenient location and massive range of sweets, treats and souvenirs at MING make it a no-brainer for omiyage shopping!

fn185 kau kau 016

fn185 kau kau 128

Shopper: Rolly Lopez (Philippines), Hall Staff at Bangkok Time
Budget: ¥10,000
Goal: 5 “Omiyage” gift items

Item #1 : Hakata Meika Hiyoko (7 pces) from Hiyoko Honpo Yoshinodo ¥864
Comment: Hiyoko is one of Hakata’s most beloved sweet-makers, and their signature sweet is a great omiyage! I love the adorable chicken shape, and its taste is appealing to everyone.

fn185 kau kau 202

fn185 kau kau 197

Item #2: Cherry Tomato Daifuku (4pces) from Josuian ¥780
Comment: Daifuku are usually filled with sweetened beans or fruit, but this one caught my eye because inside is a whole Japanese tomato! I was uncertain at first, but tomato is one of my favorite vegetables – and the taste was great!

fn185 kau kau 222

fn185 kau kau 227

Item #3: Menbei – Mayonnaise Flavor (16 pces) from Fukutaro ¥540
Comment: This crunchy snack is a combination of mentaiko (spicy cod roe) and senbei Japanese crackers, with a twist of mayonnaise flavor. Perfect with a glass of ice cold beer!

fn185 kau kau 035

fn185 kau kau 152

Item #4: Hakata Odori Doll ¥5,400
Comment: I love how pretty and delicate this doll is. It reminds me of famous local Hakata festivals, with groups of citizens dancing in kimono and other costumes.

fn185 kau kau 230

fn185 kau kau 251

Item #4: Ikkousha Ramen Kit ¥1,250
Comment: I am no stranger to Ikkousha Hakata Ramen; as I’m a huge fan of tonkotsu ramen I know that they won “Ultimate Ramen Champion” for 2011 and 2012 consecutively. So this ramen set is the perfect way to share the taste of Fukuoka with my family and friends back home.

fn185 kau kau 030


Shopper’s final verdict? “It’s only my second time shopping at Ming Hakata Station, and I am really amazed at how much is available there. You’ll find all of Fukuoka’s famous omiyage sweets and souvenir items in one place. I had so much fun shopping, trying free samples and picking up items for friends back home – such a memorable day for me!!”

fn185 kau kau 034

Total: ¥ 8,834

Originally published in Fukuoka Now Magazine (fn185, May. 2014)

Published: Apr 25, 2014 / Last Updated: Jun 13, 2017

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