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Guinness World Record Challenge in Onojo City

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of joining the municipal government, the City of Onojo (Fukuoka) will attempt to break the Guinness World Record for the biggest “human chair” (Ningen Kuki Isu/人間空気椅子).

How does it work? A large group of people form one big circle, standing front to back as close as possible, and with their feet straight forward. Everyone puts both hands on the shoulders of the person in front, and on the count of three everyone sits on the lap of the person behind them, forming a chain. If stable, the circle should hold itself up. The entire circle must hold the position for longer than 1 minute to qualify for the world record.

The current world record is held by a group in Singapore, who managed to create a “human chair” of 1058 people. The Onojo City group will attempt to smash this record, planning to involve 1,350 people! The number 1350 was chosen as a goal, because 2015 marks the 1,350th year since the castles “Onojo” and “Mizuki” were originally built– now historical spots in the city.

Anybody can join the world record attempt, which will take place on 10/28, 14:15~ @ Onojo City, Madoka Park. Application deadline is 9/28 (call: 092-580-1805). More info and application here.

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Published: Sep 25, 2012 / Last Updated: Apr 1, 2016

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