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IKEA Fukuoka Pre-open Shopping Report!

Fukuoka Now first visited the IKEA site way back at their ground-breaking ceremony on April 18, 2011, and finally, finally, yesterday and 100 of our loyal readers enjoyed some actual shopping at a special pre-open shopping day. IKEA Fukuoka Shingu officially opens tomorrow, Wed., April 11 at 10:00. Shopping in Fukuoka will never be the same!

Below our Fukuoka Now staffs’ (Ellery, Emiko, Kasumi, Ruri and Nick) picks of their favorite items and click here for a slideshow of the facility and happy shoppers.

Nick’s selection #1: PAONG ARM CHAIR
Price: ¥ 4,990
Point! Amazing price performance here! Its “international” width is perfect for my Canadian-sized butt! Comfy too! I really like the way the wooden frame flexes to give a rocking motion. Buy!

Nick’s selection #2: KARISO
Price: ¥9,990
Point! This will be ideal to place near the olympic-sized swimming pool in my backyard. But seriously, again, what great value! The bright white canopy that retracts and folds easily measures a wide 300 cm offering plenty of shade to keep me and my friends cool this summer. The price includes the robust-looking stand, of course!

Nick’s selection #3: BASTIS
Price: ¥290
Point! Couldn’t resist touching these! These small sawed-off doggies are actually hangers for small items and coats. Just like real dogs they come in a variety of colors. Cute and cheap!

Emiko’s selection #1: Delivery & Onsite Construction
Price: ¥ 990 ~ / 20%(minimum. ¥3,000)
Point! Having services such as onsite construction and delivery is a big relief and will avoid potential conflicts between spouses! This is very important for a happy home.

Emiko’s selection #2: DRYCK NYPON(Rosehip Drink)
Price: ¥ 149
Point! Rose Hip is very good for our skin and beauty. I was very surprised to find this beverage here at IKEA. Beautiful shopping!

Emiko’s selection #3: SENAP MILD & KETCHUP, BUNS
Price: ¥ 299 /500g
Point! The packaging of the mustard and ketchup are so cute. I’d like to display them when we have a home party.

Kasumi’s selection #1: BRÄDA
Price: ¥ 1,990
Point! This would be ideal for when I use a laptop in the living room. It light, yet it supports the machine well and keeps my lap from overheating! 😉

Kasumi’s selection #2: IKEA PS MASKROS
Price: ¥ 10,900
Point! This light is huge, but very light like a huge flower ball. It will surely brighten up any room.

Kasumi’s selection #3: LEVANGER
Price: ¥ 14,900
Point! This gold frame is so gorgeous but priced so affordably. If you place it in your house your home will feel like a luxury hotel!?

Ellery’s selection #1: GOSIG GOLDEN
Price: ¥999
Point! Puppies are the best!

Ellery’s selection #2: DRYCK BLÅBÄR
Price: ¥ 149
Point! 250ml of blueberry goodness! Plus, the name (BLÅBÄR) is fun to say.

Ellery’s selection #3: LEIRVIK
Price: ¥81,700
Point! Shopping at IKEA makes me sleepy, and this bed is dreamy…zzzzz

Ruri’s selection #1: SAGOSTEN
Price: ¥ 2,990
Point! Cute, light and easy to use everywhere! Even adults can ride on the ladybug! You can adjust the firmness by pumping up with air.

Ruri’s selection #2: DUKTIG
Price: ¥ 8,990
Point! Made for kids but very realistic, almost like a real kitchen! Better than my kitchen!

Ruri’s selection #3: CIRKUSTALT
Price: ¥ 1,990
Point! Colorful and inexpensive! All kids really love a hiding space! Good for kids room!

After all that shopping, we had no choice but to head to the IKEA food court to refuel!

Click here for a slideshow of the facility and happy shoppers.

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Published: Apr 10, 2012 / Last Updated: Apr 1, 2016

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