Fuku Fuku

Fukufuku no Sato, a farmer’s market in Nijo-Fukui, Itoshima City, is known for its wide field of brilliant yellow rape blossoms that attract visitors from afar in spring. This April, a new restaurant, “Seasonal Vegetable and Fish Restaurant Fukufuku,” opened on the premises.

The restaurant offers seafood rice bowls, stewed fish set meals, and tempura set meals made with ingredients produced in Itoshima, with a focus on seafood landed at the nearby fishing port. When you enter the restaurant, first place your order at the counter and pay for it. The fresh slices of sashimi are served on top of a bowl of brightly colored sushi rice made with red rice from Nijo. The bowl is served with kombu-flavored soy sauce or sweet soy sauce typical of Kyushu on the table.

The seafood used in the tempura and stewed fish set menus are listed on the menu board, and if you like them, you can buy the same whole fresh fish at the market next door.

For dessert, try the soft-serve ice cream made with Haruka, a citrus fruit for which Nijo-Fukui is famous, produced and sold at the Fukufuku no Sato market next door.

Main menu (tax incl.): Kaisen-don: ¥1,000, Tempura set meal: ¥1,000, Stewed fish set meal: ¥1,000, Fried fish set meal: ¥1,000

Note: The situation regarding the spread of the COVID-19 virus changes daily. Please follow local authorities’ advice by practicing social distancing, wearing masks, and following other recommended guidelines. By sharing information about events and places to go, Fukuoka Now is NOT encouraging unsafe practices. Practice safe behavior for yourself and others.

Fuku Fuku (Farmer’s Market Restaurant - Fuku Fuku)
Address : 6333 Nijo-Fukui, Itoshima City, Fukuoka [ MAP ]
Open : 11:30 to 16:30 L.O. (or until sold out)
Close : 8/14~8/16, 1/1~1/5
Food & Drink
Published: May 12, 2021 / Last Updated: May 12, 2021

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