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James Dover

Hailing from beautiful Hawaii for over 12 years, artist James Dover’s mellow, island-like mentality is as relaxing as his murals. Since 1998 Dover has been in and out of Fukuoka, and now he’s calling it home. Initially being lured to Fukuoka for the craft of wood-fired ceramics, he was drawn to its local, small city feel and room for self-expression. Now he’s back painting the town… literally! Check out nightspots Volume, Xaymaca, and Uprising, as well as a new grand mural awaiting debut in Daimyo. Sure you haven’t seen his work yet? For “Lost” TV series fans, check out season 1, episode 14, where his artwork was displayed. “Anyone can do art,” James says, and he wants to help those interested in artistic expression. He is opening Dover Art School, offering drawing, painting, and sculpting classes geared towards the interests of his students, whether it be Van Gogh or graffiti. It’s a comfortable fusion for both foreigners and Japanese. Check him out at:

Hometown: Honolulu
In Japan: 4 years
Identity: Artist, Art Teacher & Troublemaker

Originally published in Fukuoka Now magazine (fn105, Sep. 2007)

Fukuoka City
Published: Sep 1, 2007 / Last Updated: Jun 13, 2017

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