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Lobster and More! Canada Food Tasting

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Canadian lobster tail, high quality Canadian pork, beef and pancakes…. yummmmm! This week Fukuoka Now staff attended a tasting session for food to be served at the Fukuoka Canada Day Party, on Jun. 28 at Tenjin Monolith!

This year’s menu is mouth-wateringly good. We’ve got Canadian lobster tails with cream cheese Sauce Américaine, Canadian Pork with sauce, Canadian Beef with balsamic vinegar, ginger & maple syrup sauce and mini yorkshire pudding, pancakes with maple syrup and, of course, Poutine (Canadian style french fries with rich gravy and cheese)! Sounds appetizing? Arrive early and some of these are included in your ticket. Some food items also available sold by the plate.

Photo for image only – portion sizes vary.

1st 300 guests’ tickets include: Canadian Lobster Tail, Canadian Beef & Pork Plate and 1 Canadian beer OR 1 bottle of Canada Dry Ginger Ale. (¥1,500 each – limited to first 300 guests).

2. Guests 301~500 tickets include: Canadian Beef & Pork Plate and 1 Canadian beer or bottle of Canada Dry Ginger Ale. (¥1,500 each and limited to the 301st to the 500th guest).

3. Guests 501~ tickets include: Two tickets total for food or drink (¥1,500 each, lobster not included and choice of other food items not guaranteed).

That means you’ve gotta show up early if you want some delicious lobster (trust us, it’s worth it!)


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Published: Jun 14, 2013 / Last Updated: Apr 1, 2016

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