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Mark Is Fukuoka Momochi – Pre-opening Report!

On Wednesday, Nov. 21 at 10 am, western Japan’s largest commercial facility with 125,000 square meters of floor space opens. Today Fukuoka Now staff joined other members of the press for a pre-open tour of the sprawling facility built on the land previously occupied by the Hawks Town in Momochi, Fukuoka. The number of shops and facilities totals 163, including many first-in-Kyushu ones such as ARC’TERYX (finally!) There are four floors, a parking lot for 1,300 cars (free for bicycles and scooters), and direct raised pathway connecting to Fukuoka Yahuoku! Dome and Zepp Fukuoka. Upon entering via the main entrance, a broad stairway with space for sitting serves as the centerpiece and where events will be held. The facility is very family friendly. There are spacious and functional baby and children’s areas, as well as a stye-of-the-art play zone (fee required) where little ones can be left safely to professional care. The United Cinema complex on the fourth floor is the only cinema in Kyushu to offer Screen X technology for a 270-degree field of vision.

There’s more hi-tech at the information counter with AI-powered touch panels that can field inquiries in four languages. Then there are forty locations with flat screens that employ technology allowing shops to broadcast information in real time to people walking by. The facility also boasts some robotic cleaning droids – cool! Naturally, there’s a food court with not only local favorites eateries from around the country. We opted to try out the “Fukuoka Fish Burger” ¥1,300 at Kyushu’s first J. S. Burger Cafe on the second floor. They make it with locally caught sea bream, premium egg, smoked bacon, tartar sauce, and maple sesame soy sauce. Yum! There’s so much to see, do and eat that it will take you at least half a day.

Mark Is Fukuoka Momochi
2-2-1 Jigyohama, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka
• Nearest station: 10 min. walk from Tojinmachi Subway Sta.
• Open: 10:00~21:00, Restaurant 11:00~22:00 (some exception)

Momochi / Nishijin
Published: Nov 19, 2018 / Last Updated: Nov 19, 2018

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