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APU – Global Business Case Challenge 2017

Yesterday, Oct. 2, teams of five (four students and one counsellor) from twelve universities from around the world arrived in Fukuoka to participate in the APU Global Business Case Challenge (GBCC). It’s a unique program in which teams compete to deliver the best solution to a real-world business problem – in just 24 hours.

Participating universities include some very well-known schools such as Wharton (University of Pennsylvania), Keio University (Tokyo), Berkeley (University of California), University of British Columbia (Canada), Singapore Management University, Shantou University (China), Thammasat University (Thailand), Nanyang Technological University (Singapore), University of Florida, National University of Singapore, and APU Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University.

Today, the participants gathered at Growth Next in Daimyo, Fukuoka City for a kick-off event which included a presentation by the event’s main sponsor, Groovenauts. Groovenauts is a Fukuoka-based startup that has grown quickly thanks to the popularity of its machine-learning related IT technology and products.

After inspiring remarks by Groovenauts CEO Eihiro Saishu, the students toured the Growth Next facility, home to many Fukuoka start up businesses. And then it was off for some sightseeing at Dazaifu Temple, and then onto APU in Beppu for the GBCC and the 24-hour case challenge, and more.

Teams will be given the same real-world business problem and will have only 24 hours to analyze, research, come up with a solution, and then make a presentation. The top four finalists then go onto a final round before a large audience, and a winner will be determined. This full week of teamwork and international cooperation will undoubtedly be an unforgettable experience for all the students. And for the organizer, APU, and the corporate sponsors, it will result in valuable insight into the psyche of these up-and-coming leaders to see how important different minds and backgrounds are in an ever-changing business environment.

Good luck to all the participants and we hope to see some of you again in Fukuoka and Beppu – on business or pleasure!

APU Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University

Wharton (University of Pennsylvania)

University of British Columbia (Canada)

Thammasat University (Thailand)

Nanyang Technological University (Singapore)

University of Florida

Official event website: http://www.gbcc-apu.org/about-us

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Published: Oct 3, 2017 / Last Updated: Oct 3, 2017