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Balloon Release Event Planned for Futamigaura Beach Itoshima

A thousand balloons will be set loose into the sky of Itoshima, carrying people’s hope to get over the new coronavirus pandemic and recent rain disaster. The largest-scale balloon release in the Itoshima area will occur as part of ‘Magnet Garden @ Futamigaura Beach,’ a music-and-food event started on August 1. DJs and orchestras are invited to perform great music and provide a space for people to get relaxed and re-energized from hardships. The event runs beach cleanings, too. Source: PR TIMES

NOTE ::: We are very happy that so many of our readers commented and pointed out the problem regarding the planned release of balloons into nature. Also, we’d like to clarify that Fukuoka Now is in no way associated with this event. Fukuoka NowのLocal Newsに関心をもってくださり、ありがとうございます。私たちは原則すでに公になっているものを、英語読者に伝えるべくニュースとして取り上げています。もちろん、今回のバルーンイベントには全く関係がございません。

Magnet Garden @ Futamigaura Beach
Balloon release: 8/30 (Sun.) around 13:00 and 18:30
Free entry
2206-14 Kota, Nishi Ward, Fukuoka City
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/magnetgarden/

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Published: Aug 28, 2020 / Last Updated: Aug 30, 2020