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Canal East Building To Be Rebuilt Into Condominiums

A portion of the Canal City Hakata commercial complex in Fukuoka City will be demolished in May of this year and replaced with luxury condominiums. The East Building, which opened in 2011, houses fashion brands such as UNIQLO and H&M, as well as restaurants. According to the source, Fukuoka Jisho, the operator of the building, plans to demolish the East Building in May this year, use it as a parking lot, and then reconstruct it as a luxury condominium. A new station, Kushida Jinja-mae Station on the Nanakuma Subway Line, is scheduled to open near the East Building in March of this year, and the rise of online shopping and declining sales of inbound customers are believed to be the main reasons for the rebuilding. Source: KBC

Canal East Building To Be Rebuilt Into Condominiums

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Published: Jan 24, 2023 / Last Updated: Jan 24, 2023

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