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Concern for the Care of Infected Pregnant and Nursing Mothers Grows

With the rapid spread of the new coronavirus, concern about the stable provision of medical care for infected pregnant and nursing mothers grows. On August 1, Fukuoka Prefecture held an online meeting with obstetricians and gynecologists in the prefecture to exchange opinions on how to secure more accepting facilities. At the end of July, there were about 300 corona-positive pregnant and nursing mothers in Fukuoka. In Fukuoka Prefecture, the spread of the new coronavirus has increased the burden on medical care, with the hospital bed utilization rate at 77.1% as of the end of July. In particular, securing medical care for pregnant women and others who need special care is an urgent issue. Fukuoka Prefecture is committed to providing support to increase the number of hospitals that accept pregnant women up to and including delivery and hospitals that can immediately transfer the women after delivery. Source: KBC

Concern for the Care of Infected Pregnant and Nursing Mothers GrowsPhoto from Photo AC

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Fukuoka Prefecture
Published: Aug 2, 2022 / Last Updated: Aug 2, 2022

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