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Fukuoka Airport Introduces ‘Smart Lane’ to Alleviate Security Check Congestion

Fukuoka Airport has implemented a new security check system, ‘Smart Lane’, to reduce waiting times and alleviate congestion. This system, introduced in response to growing passenger numbers and long queues at security checkpoints, uses CT technology, allowing passengers to keep laptops and liquids inside their baggage. This change is expected to increase the number of passengers processed per hour by about 1.5 times. Approximately 80% of domestic security lanes at the airport will be upgraded to Smart Lanes by the new fiscal year. A Yanagawa city resident traveling to Tokyo appreciated the convenience, and Fukuoka International Airport’s representative Mr. Shirahama expects this to eliminate the need for passengers to arrive hours in advance, especially during busy periods. Source: NHK / Fukuoka Airport official X

Fukuoka Airport Introduces 'Smart Lane' to Alleviate Security Check Congestion

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Travel & Tourism
Fukuoka Prefecture
Published: Jan 29, 2024 / Last Updated: Jan 29, 2024

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