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Fukuoka Governor Outlines State Of Emergency

Amidst the nationwide surge in the number of COVID-19 infections, “a state of emergency” took effect in Fukuoka Prefecture and six other areas of Japan on April 7. In response to the national government’s move, Fukuoka Governor Hiroshi Ogawa held a press conference, in which he explained enhanced requirements of self-restraint for nonessential activities. The prefecture demands all residents to refrain from outings except for those required to support daily life such as food and other necessities shopping, to see a doctor, to exercise, and so forth. While commuting to work is another exception to these restrictions, efforts to reduce contact with other people are strongly requested by taking measures such as teleworking from home, using bicycles instead of public transportation, or adjusting your commuting time to avoid crowds. The governor also asked residents not to buy excessive supplies of daily necessities in panic. Traveling into and out of the prefecture should be avoided unless for matters of urgency. Also, events involving groups of people should not be held. This state of emergency will be in effect until May 6. Editor’s Note: We plan to post a more detailed summary of the Fukuoka Prefecture’s  Source: NHK #fukuokacorona #fukuokacovid #新型コロナウイルス福岡 #福岡ニュース

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Published: Apr 8, 2020 / Last Updated: Apr 8, 2020