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Fukuoka Prefecture Polls for Reasons for Declining Birthrate

Fukuoka Prefecture conducted a survey to analyze current challenges that surround childbirth and child-rearing in the region, and 68 percent of the respondents pointed out that financial burdens are the most significant cause of the declining birth rate. The survey has been conducted every five years since 2003 and was answered by 3,702 people between 20 to 49 years of age. While the results revealed “educational and other costs” are the leading cause of the low birth rate, “a rise in the average year of marriage” and “difficulty in balancing work and housework” were also selected by approximately half of the respondents. Source: Fukuoka Prefecture, 3/2019

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Fukuoka Prefecture
Published: Sep 4, 2019 / Last Updated: Sep 4, 2019