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Fukuoka Prefecture Sees Rise in Job Availability for Third Consecutive Year

In 2023, Fukuoka Prefecture’s average job availability rate climbed to 1.24, marking a third consecutive year of growth. According to the Fukuoka Labor Bureau, this increase, surpassing the previous year by 0.07 points, is largely attributed to the recovery in service sectors such as travel and dining. While hospitality and food services saw a 6.1% rise in new job postings, transportation and postal services rose by 5%, and wholesale and retail by 1.4%. In contrast, the manufacturing and construction industries experienced declines due to higher prices and semiconductor shortages, with job postings falling by 4.8% and 1.1% respectively. Despite the growth, the current rate still falls short of the pre-pandemic level of 1.57 in 2019. Tokuko Onodera, head of the Fukuoka Labor Bureau, emphasized the need for close observation of employment trends due to potential impacts from rising prices and weakened consumer spending, alongside the necessity for appropriate price transfers to sustain wage funding.  Source: NHK / Fukuoka Labor Bureau

Fukuoka Prefecture Sees Rise in Job Availability for Third Consecutive Year

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Published: Jan 31, 2024 / Last Updated: Jan 31, 2024

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