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Fukuoka Prefecture’s Corona Warning Lifted

Fukuoka Prefecture has decided to lift the prefecture’s corona alert, which has been in effect since January, as the number of newly infected cases has been decreasing, and the utilization rate of hospital beds has dropped below 20%. This is the first time that the corona alert has been lifted in about four months. After lifting the corona alert, the two-hour limit on the use of restaurants will be lifted, and the limitation of four people per table will be lifted for restaurants that have not been certified by the prefectural government as having infection control measures. In addition, the request to hotels and other establishments not to serve standing buffets at banquet halls will also be ended. The prefectural government will continue to offer free testing to those concerned about infection and will call on people to take basic infection control measures such as refraining from eating at banquet halls for long periods. At a press conference, Vice Governor Omagari said, “Although the corona alert has been lifted, the infection is by no means under control. I ask that you continue to take basic infection prevention measures to make steady progress toward “with corona.” Source: NHK

Fukuoka Prefecture's Corona Warning Lifted

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Fukuoka Prefecture
Published: Jun 1, 2022 / Last Updated: Jun 1, 2022

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