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Fukuoka to Welcome New Itochu Logistics Hub

Itochu Corporation is planning to build a logistics center in the Higashi Ward of Fukuoka City, marking its first facility in the Kyushu region. The center, expected to start construction in 2024 and complete in 2025, will be set within the Fukuoka Distribution Center and cover around 5,200 square meters. The strategic location of the center, with its proximity to the city center and major highways, will facilitate the burgeoning demand for e-commerce and enhance ‘last-mile’ deliveries in the Fukuoka urban area. The corporation also plans to invite tenants involved in e-commerce and related businesses to occupy the space. Source: Itochu

Fukuoka to Welcome New Itochu Logistics Hub

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Published: Jun 16, 2023 / Last Updated: Jun 16, 2023

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