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Fukuoka’s Yatai Culture Booms with 10 Billion Yen Impact

The economic impact of Fukuoka City’s famous food stalls, known as Yatai, has significantly increased, surpassing 10 billion yen annually. A study conducted by a private research firm in November showed that the annual economic impact is now approximately 10.49 billion yen, a figure that has doubled since the last survey in 2011. Mayor Takashima expressed satisfaction with the growth and diversity of these stalls, attributing it to the city’s provision of essential infrastructure and a public application system. Tourist surveys revealed that the number of visitors drawn to Fukuoka City for these stalls has almost doubled, reaching about 135,000. Despite a decrease in the number of stalls by 45, their total revenue increased by about 600 million yen, totaling around 2.3 billion yen. Source: Fukuoka City / TNC

Fukuoka's Yatai Culture Booms with 10 Billion Yen Impact

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Published: Dec 1, 2023 / Last Updated: Dec 1, 2023

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