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Guam-themed Kurume Kasuri Shown to Governor

Kimono producer Yoshimasa Takakura, visited Fukuoka Governor Hiroshi Ogawa on October 4 to show a Guam-themed kimono made of Kurume kasuri. Motifs related to the islands of Guam are weaved on the traditional fabric of Kurume City, Fukuoka. Sponsored by the prefecture itself, the dress was created for the nationwide Kimono Project which aims to spread the spirit of “wa” (Japanese) by creating special kimono for events related to the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. As of October 1, items representing 166 countries and regions were completed, including three items of clothing made of Kurume kasuri, 27 kimono belts of Hakata-ori as well as two of Kokura-ori. Source: Fukuoka Prefecture, 10/4/2019

Photo:Fukuoka Prefecture

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Published: Oct 16, 2019 / Last Updated: Oct 17, 2019