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Itoshima and GooDay Operator Collaborate for Community Revitalization

In a significant step towards fostering sustainable community development, Kaho Musen Holdings (HD), known for operating the home center chain GooDay, has partnered with the city of Itoshima to embark on a collaborative project. The agreement, signed on March 26 in Itoshima, represents the company’s inaugural venture into a dedicated community development agreement, with Itoshima leading the way.

Addressing the ceremony at the city hall, Mayor Yuji Tsukigata emphasized the urgency of combating the challenges posed by an aging population and declining birth rates. He expressed high hopes for the collaboration, stating, “We are facing difficulties in tasks like grass cutting and maintaining community cohesion due to aging. We count on your expertise to not only fight population decline but also to ensure the creation of an inclusive community where no one is left behind.”

Reflecting on the partnership, Takashi Yanase, President of Kaho Musen HD, shared his enthusiasm: “We are committed to contributing towards making Itoshima a model of attractive and sustainable community development.”

This pioneering agreement between Kaho Musen HD and Itoshima outlines a strategic plan focusing on three core areas: revitalizing vacant houses through expert-led maintenance and renovation workshops, energizing local communities by supporting children’s group activities with initiatives like electronics workshops, and enhancing community activities, notably through innovative grass-cutting workshops utilizing the latest equipment.

As part of its strategy to counteract population decline, Itoshima is proactively working on several fronts, including the prevention of housing vacancies, the revitalization of local communities, and the cultivation of new regional stakeholders, all aimed at achieving sustainable development for the area. Source: Itoshima City

Itoshima and GooDay Operator Collaborate for Community Revitalization

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Published: Apr 8, 2024 / Last Updated: Apr 8, 2024

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