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Itoshima Closes Beachside Parking Lots and Asks Public Not to Visit Over Golden Week

To prevent further spread of the COVID-19 virus, Itoshima City is discouraging visitors from outside Itoshima to visit its sightseeing spots. The city firmly asks people to cooperate in refraining such recreational outings. The city has already closed the Nogita Gyoko Parking (Nogita Fishing Pier Parking Lot), and five other parking lots near popular beaches will be closed between Apr. 29 ~ May 6 Meanwhile, Itoshima City announced its financial plan to support the local community amidst the impact of the new coronavirus infection. The city will offer ¥100,000 to approximately 3,000 local small and mid-sized businesses, which cooperate in preventing the spread of the virus. It will also add some of the fisheries and flower farmers who are suffering reduced income. The plan also includes other subsidies and budgets to support local medical businesses, elderly and child care facilities as well as educational activities. The entire project cost is expected to add up to ¥455 million. The project will be presented at the city assembly on May 8. Sources: NHK / Itoshima City / Itoshima City

Sign requests people wear masks.

Sign says the parking lot is closed indefinitely. More than 30 cars parked.

Litter left behind…

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Published: Apr 25, 2020 / Last Updated: Apr 25, 2020