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JR Kyushu Discount Tickets for Young Adults

JR Kyushu has released a special discount ticket called “Gachi Kippu” for 18 to 24-year-olds. The ticket is valid for one-way travel on the Kyushu Shinkansen and limited express trains running between major cities in the region during the summer months. Young adults will be able to use the tickets to ride in the non-reserved seating section of trains from Aug. 1 to Sep. 30. The earliest travelers can purchase tickets is one month before the date of travel. The latest is three days prior to travel. Tickets went on sale on July 1 and will be available until September 27 at various locations, including major JR Kyushu stations. The offer will mean significant reductions. For example, Kyushu Shinkansen tickets from Fukuoka City to Kumamoto are available for ¥2,570 yen (standard price: ¥4,610). Source: JR Kyushu Press Release, 6/27/2019

Photo: MK Products

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Published: Jul 11, 2019 / Last Updated: Jul 11, 2019