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Kids in Peril: Fukuoka Faces Monkey Scare

In a recent wave of incidents, Fukuoka City has experienced a surge in monkey sightings, leading to concerns for public safety. Starting from September 28th, reports have come in from various city wards, including Nishi, Sawara, and Chuo, accumulating to at least ten sightings by October 1st.

Notably, on September 30th, a monkey entered a family home and bit a five-year-old boy on the thigh. The father successfully chased the monkey away and recounted the ordeal, stating that his priority was to protect his child. Security footage captured the incident, which unfolded quickly after the monkey entered through an open front door.

Another report came in from Minami Ward where three young girls were attacked and injured by a monkey. Additionally, on October 2nd, a monkey was spotted near a shrine in Sawara Ward, and a few hours later, another sighting was reported approximately one kilometer away in Jonan Ward.

Local police are urging residents not to approach the monkeys and are taking necessary steps to mitigate the ongoing issue. The animals are considered dangerous, especially towards those they perceive as weaker. Shortly after the first biting incident, another four-year-old boy was also bitten in a different home’s yard, sustaining injuries to his arms and thighs. Source: TNC

Kids in Peril: Fukuoka Faces Monkey Scare

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Fukuoka Prefecture
Published: Oct 3, 2023 / Last Updated: Oct 3, 2023

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