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Kyushu Olle Adds 4 New Courses

The Kyushu Tourism Promotion Organization has released four new Kyushu Olle trekking courses. Originating on the South Korean island of Jeju, olle are unique trekking trails that have become extremely popular over the last number of years. In collaboration with founding organisation, Kyushu Olle brought this trend to Japan. The trails allow hikers to enjoy the history and culture of local areas from a unique, natural perspective. The four new courses – “Kokonoe and Yamanami Course” (open 12/14) in Oita, the “Karatsu Course” (open 12/15) and “Ureshino Course” (open March) in Saga, and the “Munakata and Oshima Course” (open March) in Fukuoka – will bring the total of Kyushu Olle courses up to 12. Opening ceremonies are to be held at the starting points of the Kokonoe and Yamanami Course (starting point: Yume Otsuribashi. Info: 0973-76-3150) and Karatsu Course (starting point: Momoyama Tenkaichi roadside station. Info: 0955-72-4963). Source: Nishinippon 12/12, Official HP: http://www.visitkyushu.org/category/kyushu-olle/


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Published: Dec 12, 2013 / Last Updated: Apr 1, 2016

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