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Lunar Eclipse To Coincide With Sakura Viewing Next Week

A total lunar eclipse has been forecast for Apr. 4, which means Kyushu residents may get the unusual treat of a lunar eclipse during flower viewing season. Lunar eclipses occur only when the Earth, the sun and the moon are in exact alignment on the night of a full moon. (The moon passes into the Earth’s shadow and blocks the sun’s rays.) According to the National Astronomical Observatory, the eclipse will begin at 19:15 on Apr. 4, and for 12 minutes, starting at 20:54, the entire moon will turn a reddish hue as it reflects the sun’s rays. The eclipse will finish around 22:45. The last time Kyushuans were able to enjoy a lunar eclipse together with cherry blossoms was in 1978. Source: Nishinippon Shimbun 3/30


Published: Mar 30, 2015 / Last Updated: Jun 26, 2017