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Magazine Reports on Kyushu Weddings

Zexy, a magazine providing wedding information published by Recruit of Tokyo, released the results of its 2008 survey of wedding trends. The survey found that the average expenditure per couple for all aspects of the wedding, including the preliminary ceremonies and the honeymoon, totaled 4.29 million yen, an increase of 77,000 yen from the previous year. This was about 40,000 yen less than the national average. In contrast, the average expenditure for the ceremony, the reception, and the party was 130,000 yen more than the national average. Also, about 30% of the Kyushu couples received no financial assistance from their parents for the ceremonies, the highest regional percentage of the 15 regions nationwide.

Published: Oct 29, 2009 / Last Updated: Oct 29, 2009

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