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Mane Offender: Hakata’s Equine Heist

In a tale that gives a whole new meaning to “horsing around,” a 27-year-old man has been arrested for pulling off what might be the most brazen “mane event” in Fukuoka City’s Hakata Ward—an equine heist. On October 23, police finally reined in Sugata Ryo, an unemployed local resident suspected of galloping off with 20,250 yen worth of frozen horse meat from an unmanned Basashi (horse meat) store.

According to police, security footage captured the accused man on September 17 around 8 p.m., clad in a white hoodie, stuffing blocks of frozen horse meat into a shopping bag before trotting off into the night. Sugata, however, doesn’t seem to remember his wild ride, telling authorities, “I think I did steal, but I don’t remember.”

The store owner isn’t laughing, though. They revealed that this wasn’t the first time their stable of frozen goods had been pilfered, citing similar incidents in October. Authorities are now expanding their investigation to see if Sugata might be part of a larger ring of thieves. Source: TNC

Mane Offender: Hakata's Equine Heist

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Published: Oct 24, 2023 / Last Updated: Oct 24, 2023

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