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Nagasaki City Declares Its Own State of Emergency

On January 16, Nagasaki Prefecture issued its own state of emergency for Nagasaki City. The prefectural governor, Hodo Nakamura, held a press conference in which he requested the residents for further cooperation in preventing the new coronavirus spread. Between January 16 ~ February 7, local eateries and amusement facilities are asked to operate only between 5:00~20:00. Shops that follow the guideline will be eligible for a ¥760,000 subsidy. Self-restraints on non-essential outings and visiting outlying islands without critical business are requested across the prefecture. The prefecture encourages further telework, aiming to reduce the number of commuters by half. The occupancy rate of hospital beds for coronavirus treatment reaches 89% in Nagasaki, and three local hospitals are currently closed due to cluster infections.  Source: Nagasaki City / NHK / FNN

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Nagasaki City
Published: Jan 18, 2021 / Last Updated: Jan 18, 2021

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