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National Government to Ease Some Restrictions for Extended SOE

The latest COVID-19 control plan proposed by the national government includes easing restrictions on personal activities, including eating out and drinking at restaurants from around November, while for the ongoing state of emergency, strict guidelines remain in effect in Fukuoka Prefecture. To lower the occupancy rate of local hospital beds secured for the new coronavirus patients to 50% or even less and reduce the daily cases to the standard of “Stage III,” business closure requests for liquor-serving shops and other restrictions would continue in Fukuoka Prefecture until Sep. 30. Advance payment of cooperation grants would be available for some shops and companies. Also, the prefecture’s public facilities would remain closed except for some museums and libraries that limit the number of visitors. Importantly, those who had second injections of the COVID-19 vaccine remain required to take infection prevention measures, including the use of masks. According to the prefecture, 544 local eateries failed to follow the provided guidelines in August. As of Sep. 9, fourteen shops in Fukuoka City received orders to close or stop providing liquor temporarily. Names of those shops are not announced to avoid the risk of attracting more customers. Source: Fukuoka Prefecture / NHK 1 / NHK 2 / Nikkei

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Fukuoka Prefecture
Published: Sep 10, 2021 / Last Updated: Sep 10, 2021