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Pietro Launches New Soy Meat Pasta Sauce

Food manufacturer Pietro, in collaboration with Uwamuki (Fukuoka City), released a Bolognese pasta sauce made with ‘Soy Meat’ on January 25. Priced at 540 yen per 130-gram packet, this product is available on e-commerce platforms, Pietro-operated restaurants, and select retail stores. The ‘Pietro × Soycle Field-Born Bolognese’ uses germinated soybeans, reducing the typical soy odor. Pietro’s President Yasuyuki Takahashi highlighted the potential of soy meat in addressing global food issues, while Uwamuki’s President Daisaku Shirasaka hopes this product will make soy meat more accessible. Both companies plan to develop two more pasta sauce products within the next six months. Source: Nikkei  / Pietro

Pietro Launches New Soy Meat Pasta Sauce

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Fukuoka Prefecture
Published: Jan 29, 2024 / Last Updated: Jan 29, 2024

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