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Printing Company Produces Clear Barriers With Scenic Scenes of Itoshima

The impact of the spread of the new coronavirus has seen many local businesses in Itoshima introduce plastic infection-prevention sheets. However, these make for an awkward aesthetic inside otherwise stylish cafes and shops. A local printing company is solving the situation by producing transparent sheets with designs of local natural landscapes. The 1892-established Shigetomi Printing Co., Ltd. plans to create the sheets in collaboration with a local artist, Chihiro Miyata, and contribute 750 pieces (250 sets) to local eateries and Itoshima City. The project is currently seeking funds to cover the cost of purchasing materials (until Aug. 11.) https://camp-fire.jp/projects/view/303133?list=search_result_projects_populer

Source: Data Max

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Published: Aug 8, 2020 / Last Updated: Aug 8, 2020