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Renamed Papio Ice Arena to Reopen

Papio Ice Arena, a skating rink in Fukuoka City, will reopen next April with a new name, Ovision Ice Arena Fukuoka. Saibu Gas Holdings, the operator of the Papio Ice Arena, which has been closed due to aging, announced today the new name of the rink and a timeline for its reopening at a press conference. According to the announcement, the new name is “Ovision Ice Arena Fukuoka. “Ovision” means to create a bond with the local community, and Saibu Gas is using this name for the condominiums of its group companies. The company also plans to reopen for business on April 1 next year, subject to approval by the prefectural and city councils. Source: NHK

Renamed Papio Ice Arena to Reopen

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Published: Nov 1, 2022 / Last Updated: Nov 1, 2022

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