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Saga’s Tamaya Department Store to Transform with Luxury Hotel

Saga Tamaya, the sole department store in Saga Prefecture, announced plans for a major overhaul, integrating a luxury city hotel, a food court, and an event space into a new 10-story complex slated for completion in 2026. This redevelopment aims to attract a broader demographic by becoming a new symbol for Saga, showcasing local specialties and gourmet offerings. Newly appointed President Yuto Yamakoshi of Tamaya, under the guidance of real estate firm “Sakura,” outlined the vision for the department store’s future, emphasizing the continuation of approximately 140 employees and current tenants. The renovation is part of a broader strategy to revitalize the area and enhance its appeal, contributing to the overall growth and development of Saga. Source: KBC

Saga’s Tamaya Department Store to Transform with Luxury Hotel

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Saga Prefecture
Published: Feb 16, 2024 / Last Updated: Feb 16, 2024

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