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Softbank Hawks Baseball Player Infected – Fukuoka Infections Continue to Rise

Between August 1 to 2, Fukuoka Prefecture announced 266 additional cases of new coronavirus infections. The cumulative total now stands at 2,192. During the past week, Fukuoka Prefecture recorded the third-largest number of patients per 100,000 population (13.83), following Okinawa (18.38) and Tokyo (15.72.) Miyazaki prefectures (9.51) and Kumamoto (8.98) also ranked sixth and seventh, respectively. In Okinawa Prefecture, the occupancy rate for hospital beds shot up in the past seven days from 46% to 126% (*the number of patients used for this calculation includes those who stay at non-medical facilities and homes.) To avoid potential medical breakdown, the prefectural governor, Denny Tamaki, requested those in areas with many COVID-19 infections should refrain from visiting Okinawa. Additionally, the Softbank Hawks baseball team announced on August 1 that an outfielder, Yuya Hasegawa, became infected with the new coronavirus. As a result, the Hawks canceled their home game against Lions (scheduled on August 2,) and plans to conduct PCR tests on all players and staff. Sources: RKB / NHK / NHK / TNC

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Published: Aug 2, 2020 / Last Updated: Aug 2, 2020