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Summer Work Hours for Government Employees Not Catching On

On Aug. 3 the prefectural offices in Fukuoka and Miyazaki began allowing employees to start and finish work 30 minutes early. Many government offices in Kyushu have been adopting these so-called summer hours, but they are proving unpopular. A survey by Nishinippon Shimbun revealed that only 3~5% of employees have taken advantage of the summer-time systems in Kyushu. The aim of these efforts is to reduce long working hours while enabling workers to make effective use of the daylight hours after their shifts. An official in Kagoshima Prefecture said the initiative is hard to enforce across the board since people use many different modes of transportation in regional areas as opposed to the metro Tokyo area, where similar schemes have higher participation rates. Source: Nishinippon Shimbun 8/6


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Published: Aug 7, 2015 / Last Updated: Jun 26, 2017