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Tenjin Loft to relocate to Mina Tenjin in Fukuoka

The Tenjin district in Fukuoka City, where rebuilding work on buildings is progressing, will see the commercial facility, Mina Tenjin, reborn this spring. Currently, work is underway to integrate it with the neighboring “North Tenjin.” The opening date is April 28. With the concept of “living with the Tenjin area,” the floors from the basement to the 8th floor will become one spacious floor, with approximately 30 stores opening. Uniqlo and GU, which will be the largest in size in Kyushu, will open on the 1st to 3rd floors, and 100-yen shop “Seria,” which will also be the largest in Kyushu, will open on the 6th floor. In addition, the relocation of the popular miscellaneous goods specialty store “Tenjin Loft,” which has been beloved on Watanabe-dori in Fukuoka City for many years, has been decided on the 4th floor. Although the sales floor area will be about half of what it is now, Tenjin Loft will offer approximately 34,000 products on one floor that is easy to shop. Source: Nikkei / Mina Tenjin / Tenjin Loft

Tenjin Loft to relocate to Mina Tenjin in Fukuoka

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Published: Feb 16, 2023 / Last Updated: Feb 16, 2023

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