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U.S. Military Personnel Among Three Caught with Cannabis in Tenjin

In a recent incident in Tenjin, the heart of Fukuoka City, three individuals, including a 30-year-old affiliated with the U.S. Military Base in Iwakuni and two Japanese nationals in their 20s, were arrested for suspected violation of the Cannabis Control Law. The arrests were made after local police, during a routine patrol early on the 25th, noticed a vehicle parked with its brake lights activated in a Chuo Ward parking lot. Upon inspection and questioning the vehicle’s occupants, officers discovered marijuana stored in a zip-lock bag within the car’s drink holder.

The trio, described as friends, is currently under thorough investigation to ascertain the full details of the case. In line with investigative procedures and to prevent compromising the ongoing inquiry, the police have not released any statements regarding the individuals’ acknowledgment or denial of the charges. This incident highlights the continued vigilance of local law enforcement in upholding the law and combating drug-related offenses. Source: NHK

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Published: Mar 28, 2024 / Last Updated: Mar 28, 2024

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