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Yesterday the “Legend of the Seas” docked in Fukuoka with approximately 1,650 passengers and 720 crew on board. This is one of over sixty six large cruise ships carrying Chinese, Korean and other nationalities to our city this year for sightseeing and shopping.

Fukuoka Now’s “Now Map” a free detailed and colorful map of the city is Fukuoka City’s official tourist map this year. As such, Now Map is offered to every passenger on these ships and also used exclusively by guides at the tourist counters at the dock, inside City Hall, and of course at all other tourist information counters around the city. There are two editions of Now Map: a Chinese (traditional and simplified) and a Korean and English language edition.

Here are some photos taken yesterday showing how Now Map is displayed, distributed and used by official guides and tourists themselves.

Ship arrives!
The Legend of the Seas arrived in Fukuoka at 07:00 on April 17. There were 1,650 passengers and 720 crew aboard.

Reception Area
Located next to the ship on the dock there is a reception area with free WiFi internet and an information counter. Now Map is taped to the counter. It is the first thing visitors see!

On the Counter
Copies of both the Korean & English, and Chinese editions of Now Map are on the main counter.

On the Rack
Even more copies of Now Map are easy to pick up on racks inside the reception area.

Where are we?
The first thing foreign visitors want to know is where are they now, and how to get to their desired destination in Fukuoka. The information staff use Now Map to explain.

Guides use Now Map
This photo was taken inside Fukuoka City Hall. Official guides use Now Map to guide foreign visitors to the shops and restaurants they want to visit. Now Map is the guide’s most useful tool!

Tenjin Kanko Annai
The staff at the official Tenjin Tourist information counter also use Now Map as the best guide to direct foreign visitors.

Pick up a Copy!
Copies of Now Map can be picked up inside the Tenjin Tourist information center, other information counters, shops, and over 100 hotels.

Satisifed User!
This man is from China and he was very happy to have a copy of Now Map Chinese edition to navigate around Fukuoka.

All we need!
These Chinese men use Now Map and public transportation to go to downtown from the port.

LOFT stocks Now Map
LOFT is one of the many Now Map clients that offers copies of Now Map for free to their customers.

Fukuoka Bank
Fukuoka Bank also distributes copies of Now Map for the convenience of their customers.

Chinese shopping in Tenjin
April 17 was a beautiful day for walking around and shopping in Fukuoka.

Iwataya’s Hospitality
Iwataya’s information counter staff use Now Map to assist foreigners.

There are two editions of Now Map: a Chinese (traditional and simplified) and a Korean and English language edition. Pick up your own copy of Now Map at one of the many locations and tourist information counters around Fukuoka City!

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Published: Apr 18, 2012 / Last Updated: Apr 1, 2016

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